What is Scampi?

by davbel on December 15, 2011

What is Scampi?  A question that according to the annual Google Zeitgeist list is the 2nd most asked “What is…”question.  Being the No.1 Scampi related site in the world I’ve put together a quick “What is Scampi” FAQ to answer all the What is Scampi related questions…

What is Scampi?

Scampi can be many things to many different people, but the true “Scampi” is actually the tail of the “Nephrops Norvegicus” which is more commonly known as the Norway Lobster, Dublin Bay Prawn (although its not a prawn!) or langoustine.  According to Wikipedia, the Nephrops Norvegicus is an orange pink lobster that grows up to 25cm in length and is typically found in the North East Atlantic, the North Sea and parts of the Med.

What Is Scampi

Hi, I'm Scampi. Love Me.

Scampi as defined by the UK Foods Standards agency is the wholetail of the Nephrops Norvegicus,  anything else must be labelled as “reformed Scampi”.

Typically Scampi is lightly coated in breadcrumbs, but can also be coated with batter instead and then deep fried or oven baked.  Normally a serving of Scampi contains multiple Scampi pieces and is served typically with chips (British chips), peas and Tartare Sauce.  It’s important to note that the quantity of Scampi, correctly called the “Scampi Count” can vary massively from establishment to establishment, so it’s necessary to keep a note of the Scampi count and only frequent restaurants where the count is higher than 9. [click to continue…]


Low Scampi count at Willow Valley Golf Club!

29 November 2010

Love Scampi? Love golf? If you do then you might see us at the Willow Valley Golf Club in Clifton, near Brighouse where both Stan and I are members and where they also serve our favourite Scampi and Chips. Willow Valley is fairly unique as a golf club in this area as it features not […]

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How to scan Scampi the easy way.

22 September 2010

Scanning Scampi with a modern flatbed colour scanner can be an extremely difficult task for even the most ardent technologically aware scampi fan to achieve, so I thought I’d put this quick and easy to follow “How to scan Scampi the easy way” guide together to help take away some of your scampi scanning pain. […]

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Epic Fail at Caddy Shack!

30 May 2010

OMG! I lost piece of scampi!!!! The incident happened on Friday whilst enjoying the Caddy Shack’s excellent serving of Scampi and Chips. Whilst trying to secure a piece of Scampi by stabbing it with my fork, the crispy breadcrumb coating was perhaps a little more crispy than I expected and the pressure I applied literally […]

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Guest Review here at Scampi and Chips!

3 May 2010

Now here’s a first for Scampi and Chips – A guest review of Scampi and Chips on Scampiandchips.co.uk, so everyone say hello to the first Scampi and Chips guest reviewer, Daniel – “Hi Danny!” I ‘m lucky to work with Danny and I’ve got to say that wow, he really is a great guy.  Every […]

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Sausage and Mash back on the menu at the Caddy Shack!

15 January 2010

I know this is not in any way scampi or chip related, well perhaps a little bit chip related as mash and chips come from a potato. The title says it all.  Sausage and mash back on at the Caddy Shack lunchtime menu. Hmmm

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Do You Remember Processed Peas?

15 August 2009

I remember Processed Peas. As a kid, we’d have them all the time.  Well maybe not all the time but quite frequently, e.g. we didn’t have them with every meal, but maybe every 3 out of 4. Processed or Marrowfat peas out of a tin.  Now, I haven’t had any of these for at least […]

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Scampi Kiev – If You Love Scampi and love Garlic, then you might love Scampi Kiev!

12 June 2009

Here at Scampi Towers, we’d heard various rumours regarding “Scampi Kievs” and were unsure what to believe and were perhaps a little frightened… Scampi…and Garlic…Together…OMG!!!  ARE YOU SERIOUS? Was it really true that some mad crazy scientist / chef had taken the Chicken Kiev idea and mutated it into what some people were reporting as […]

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Scampi Sauce?

27 November 2008

I use Firefox for browsing and have done for a long time, so I also use the built in search bar in the top right and every time I type “scampi”, it suggests “scampi sauce” as the 1st choice – or has done recently anyway. Having just done a quick “straw poll” on all present […]

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World First for Scampi and Chips

7 November 2008

Scampi and chips gets all 21st century with the latest Scampi and Chips news from around the world.  Actually, if the truth be known, I thought I’d arse about with a camera and do a review of Sainsburys’ Scampi…Isn’t Youtube great? I won’t tell you any more other than the official score otherwise you might […]

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Never Mind the Credit Crunch, this is the Scampi Crunch…

24 October 2008

One of our loyal readers Alan Allen who works for HBOS has sent us this picture of their canteen’s version of our favourite dish – Scampi and Curly Chips! Scampi and curly chips served in a polystyrene box with what I think is supposed to be Tartar sauce.  Now I know Tartar sauce looks a […]

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