What is Scampi?

by davbel on December 15, 2011

What is Scampi?  A question that according to the annual Google Zeitgeist list is the 2nd most asked “What is…”question.  Being the No.1 Scampi related site in the world I’ve put together a quick “What is Scampi” FAQ to answer all the What is Scampi related questions…

What is Scampi?

Scampi can be many things to many different people, but the true “Scampi” is actually the tail of the “Nephrops Norvegicus” which is more commonly known as the Norway Lobster, Dublin Bay Prawn (although its not a prawn!) or langoustine.  According to Wikipedia, the Nephrops Norvegicus is an orange pink lobster that grows up to 25cm in length and is typically found in the North East Atlantic, the North Sea and parts of the Med.

What Is Scampi

Hi, I'm Scampi. Love Me.

Scampi as defined by the UK Foods Standards agency is the wholetail of the Nephrops Norvegicus,  anything else must be labelled as “reformed Scampi”.

Typically Scampi is lightly coated in breadcrumbs, but can also be coated with batter instead and then deep fried or oven baked.  Normally a serving of Scampi contains multiple Scampi pieces and is served typically with chips (British chips), peas and Tartare Sauce.  It’s important to note that the quantity of Scampi, correctly called the “Scampi Count” can vary massively from establishment to establishment, so it’s necessary to keep a note of the Scampi count and only frequent restaurants where the count is higher than 9. [click to continue…]