Scampi Sauce?

by David on November 27, 2008

I use Firefox for browsing and have done for a long time, so I also use the built in search bar in the top right and every time I type “scampi”, it suggests “scampi sauce” as the 1st choice – or has done recently anyway.

Scampi Sauce in a jar!

Scampi Sauce in a jar!

Having just done a quick “straw poll” on all present (me), which is obviously representational of the UK population, I can safely say that all Brits haven’t heard of “scampi sauce”, so I thought I’d waste a bit of time and see exactly what is scampi sauce, but one of the 1st links I followed took me to a site that had some banners urging me to click them to find out about “The secret diet that Mom who lost 44lbs in 2months with $10“.

Obviously American and grammatically incorrect – and that’s ignoring the “mom” misspelling of the word “mum”.

What she/they should have said was “The Secret Diet of a Mum who lost 44lbs in 2months after spending only $10″.  I’ve highlighted the bits that need correcting, so our US readers can quickly spot the err of their ways and therefore make a bit of effort in at least trying to speak the language as it should be.

You see, I can understand, forgive and be grateful of the Germans and their “Zee” instead of the”The” such as “For you my Britisssher friend Zee var is over”, because without the comedic German/English accents where would we be?  If in 1939 Adolf Hitler(who incidentally loved Scampi) had had a proper English accent, things would have been different…

Scampi was a favourite of Hitler's

Scampi was a favourite of Hitler

“I say my good man Adolf, you seem to be somewhat invading all of Europe”

“Really?  My word, I’m so sorry chaps, I seem to have gotten carried away after Austria!  Imagine that! I’m terribly sorry!”

“Haha, Adolf you are a one what what! Have fun invading the bally rest of them and give them all one from us, especially the bally Frenchies – tally ho!”

“Will do, what what!  and…Toodle-pip!”

But back to Americans.  Although they haven’t as yet tried to wipe out any ethnicities (other than Red Indians), they have actually BUTCHERED the English language.  Color instead or Colour, Z instead of S – It’s just rubbish.

Come on now Yank types, if you’re going to speak English, then at least speak English.  Don’t try and change it into Americanish!

Anyway, back to the “Secret Mom”.  After reading Kelly’s story, it seems that she wants to sell you something – No way!  Apparently, she owes all of her weight loss to Oprah and a chap called Dr Oz and some berries.  Which is nice.

She only charges you $10 or £7.00-ish to send you some FREE(!) info on HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT, easily, quickly and for ever!

Let me give you a tip if you want loose weight that is going to blow you all away!!!! When you read this you really will see how my fat-loss program will show you how to be the real slimmer you!

Are you ready for this?

Lovely Pork Pie

Some of you fatties will be hungry now...

Eat less pie and cake.

Anyway, going back to Scampi Sauce, well it turns out it is pretty much anything you want it to be.  Garlic based, tomato based, worcestershire sauce based, wine, mustard etc etc.  The list just goes on and on.

Basically, Scampi Sauce seems to be a non-standardized sauce, which as long as it is in some way “saucey” and served with Scampi can be called Scampi Sauce.

Now I don’t know about you, but I find that most distressing…

Post Script:  I was just reading this and decided to click through to the fat yank getting thin hoohar and I’d actually like to know if anyone can spot the difference (apart from colours)?

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David May 9, 2009 at 10:08 pm

Having re-read this for the first time in a while, did I use an Americanisation with the word “standardized”? OMG

click February 8, 2011 at 10:53 am

Scampi sauce.. Bang-up 🙂

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