Do You Remember Processed Peas?

by David on August 15, 2009

Picture of a can of Processed peas

Picture of a can of Processed peas

I remember Processed Peas.

As a kid, we’d have them all the time.  Well maybe not all the time but quite frequently, e.g. we didn’t have them with every meal, but maybe every 3 out of 4.

Processed or Marrowfat peas out of a tin.  Now, I haven’t had any of these for at least 20 years and whilst at Sainsburys the other day I spotted a tin and thought “Ohh I wonder if they really taste as nice as I remember…” as you do with things from your childhood.  So I bought a small can…

Before we continue, I just need to get a thing or two straight with regard to this particular type of pea and that is, these are not the same as Mushy Peas.  John,  yes, this is aimed at you John –  Mushy Peas are more mushy.

If you also have ginger hair, please this wikipedia acticle might help…

Anyway, back from Sainsburys, the peas went in the cupboard and were forgotten about until the other night when Mrs Scampi and chips decided we were having home made battered fish and chips.  I thought to myself “Hmmmm, other than Scampi and Chips, is there a better meal to have proccessed peas with?”

So that’s what I did, I had processed peas with fish and chips and they were great.  Hmmm yum yum.

Hmmm yum yum

Hmmm yum yum

Time for some extreme close up action:

Proccesed Peas, yum yum

Processed Peas, yum yum

I’m feeling hungry even looking at them.

The peas were great and full of a pea-like flavour as well as having a hint of mintifeshness (if that’s not a word it should be).  An added bonus that I’d forgotten about was the pea style gravy that they come in which was great with the fish and chips.

I’ll definitely be having some more of these green wonders soon and I can recommend them to any pea lovers out there.

Processed Peas Scampi and Chips Official Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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