Epic Fail at Caddy Shack!

by David on May 30, 2010

OMG! I lost piece of scampi!!!!

The incident happened on Friday whilst enjoying the Caddy Shack’s excellent serving of Scampi and Chips. Whilst trying to secure a piece of Scampi by stabbing it with my fork, the crispy breadcrumb coating was perhaps a little more crispy than I expected and the pressure I applied literally caused the Scampi to shoot forth from my plate!

As I watched it fly through the air, time seemed to slow to a crawl as the Scampi arced beyond my reach. I flailed helplessly trying to catch it, but it crashed heavily to the dusty floor and as it slid further from reach under the seating, I saw my whole live flash in front of me.

As I sat there trying to take in what had just occurred, literally shaking my head, fighting back the tears that had begun to well inside of me due to my severe loss, my focus returned to my plate. Slowly the realisation began to dawn upon me that I still had one priceless crispy golden nugget of scampi left.

Reconstruction of a Scampi-less empty plate

Reconstruction of what my plate might have looked like had I had no Scampi left...

“Thank God!” I exclaimed drawing attention from the other diners who were unaware of my predicament. Glad that I didn’t have to invoke the 5 second rule and further embarrass myself by scampering around on the floor trying to recover my wayward nugget of Scampi, I set about slowly and surely pressing my fork into the remaining Scampi with all my skill and concentration trying to avoid a replay.

I’m pleased to say that I successfully secured and then ate the final piece, but have to admit that even now, a full two days after my loss, I still have some feelings of pain and sadness that I’m finding difficult to deal with.

I suppose the moral from this story (if there is one) is never take your scampi forking skills for granted and always ensure you have the correct angle of attack and pressure as needed when trying to fork your scampi pieces, so your scampi eating occurs without incident.

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Josh June 2, 2010 at 2:06 pm

Nice blog!!

I was shopping at Morissons yesterday when I found a stunning deal on Scampi. Made a facebook group about it and everything.

Was thinking we could somehow link the fanpage and this blog and get a community of scampi lovers together?!?!



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