How to scan Scampi the easy way.

by David on September 22, 2010

Scanning Scampi with a modern flatbed colour scanner can be an extremely difficult task for even the most ardent technologically aware scampi fan to achieve, so I thought I’d put this quick and easy to follow “How to scan Scampi the easy way” guide together to help take away some of your scampi scanning pain.

Remember, if the Scampi is still hot whilst you are scanning it, i.e. “cooked” always wear adequate hand and eye protection in case of scampi related emergencies and I will also advise the wearing of an apron or some such other clothing protector to prevent unwanted grease marks.

  1. Open bag of scampi – You may need to ask a responsible person to assist with this if scissors or knifes are involved
  2. Remove singular scampi or a number of scampi if you are trying to achieve a group scampi scan
  3. Shake scampi gently to remove any loosely attached “crumbage”
  4. Open scanner lid
  5. Place scampi on platen (the glass bit)
  6. Close lid carefully taking care not to squash the scampi – At this point depending on the weight of the scanner lid and the defrostedness / cookedness of the scampi, you may need to use some method of support to stop the scanner lid squashing the scampi
  7. Once the lid is secured, follow the scanner and scanning software instruction on how to scan
  8. When the scanning is complete, remember to remove the scampi.  If the scampi is not removed you are putting your scanner at risk of scampi damage
  9. Clean the glass platen with a suitable cleaning fluid and lint free cloth – I used AF Screen-Clene Duo Wet/Dry Anti-Static Cleaning Wipes also from which did the trick superbly.
  10. To scan cooked scampi, simply follow the cooking instructions on the packet / bag and then follow steps 3 – 9

Although scanning Scampi can seem somewhat daunting to the inexperienced scampi scanner, if you follow this guide carefully you will achieve some great results with the minimum of effort whilst working in a safe and secure environment.

I have to say a great big thank you to the most excellent chaps at for supplying the flatbed scanner for my scampi scanning.

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Ant September 24, 2010 at 7:09 pm


I congratulate you on your comprehensive guide to Scampi scanning with a flatbed scanner. However you have yet to address the issue of scanning multiple different Scampi automatically and in sequence by the use of a sheet-fed scanner.

Obviously some Research & Development effort is required here by your technical team but I suspect a mallet and some sellotape may be involved in the solution.

Kind Regards

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