Never Mind the Credit Crunch, this is the Scampi Crunch…

by David on October 24, 2008

One of our loyal readers Alan Allen who works for HBOS has sent us this picture of their canteen’s version of our favourite dish – Scampi and Curly Chips!

Scampi with Curly Chips or "Fries" as they are known

Scampi with Curly Chips or "Fries" as they are known...

Scampi and curly chips served in a polystyrene box with what I think is supposed to be Tartar sauce.  Now I know Tartar sauce looks a tad suspicious at the best of times, but that just looks like sick.  Sorry, but there’s no nice way to put it…And curly fries too – what’s that supposed to be about in a work’s canteen?

Maureen wearing a hairnet

some lady called Maureen wearing a hairnet

Curly fries are all well and good in a posh Gastro Pub type establishment run by one of these TV chefs, but not in a canteen, cooked and served by some lady called Maureen wearing a hairnet – It’s just plain wrong.

Now, to the most important part of any SAC meal, the Scampi count. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I can only count 8 pieces of Scampi, which by anyone’s reckoning is a low yield.

I didn’t eat it, Alan Allen did, so I can’t tell you how good/bad it was, but for me there are just too many negatives involved so it has to be a low score I’m afraid…

HBOS Scampi and Curly Chips Official Score – 1.2 / 5

Whilst writing this review, it appeared to me that there is one important point I think some of our Business Leaders can learn from.  If you don’t want your bank/business to lose all it’s value overnight, don’t go light weight on the Scampi Count.

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Never mind the credit crunch this is the scampi crunch.. Bang-up 🙂

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